8 March 2017

Our aim is to minimise dust emission

The environmental modernisation of Vác Plant has reached a new and important milestone: the previously used electrostatic precipitator system will be replaced by modern bag filters, which further reduce dust emission.

The environmental investment has a total value of almost 7 billion HUF. Thanks to this investment the plant will excel at meeting the environmental limits that are expected to become stricter in the future. Our further aim is to increase the safety of operations and all in all, we would like to keep our position as a stable employer in the region. As a part of this process, the currently used electrostatic precipitator filtering system is going to be replaced. An adverse feature of this system is that in case a filter is out of order (for example because of a power shortage) or the cyclone is clogged, dusting might occur. Our experiences gained in Beremend Plant guarantee that the soon-to-be implemented bag filters will minimize the already low dust emission. In February 2017, János Szarkándi, chairman and CEO of Duna-Dráva Cement Kft., welcomed Michael Hoffmann, representative of FLSmidth company, the main contractor of the 1.5 billion HUF investment. Beside the ongoing modernisation processes, the signing of the contract on filter replacement is a new step of development.

Phases of modernisation

The environmental modernisation of Vác Plant is carried out between the summer of 2016 and April 2018. The main contractor of the project signed the contract in June 2016, and the planning and preparatory works took place during the second half of the same year. The on-site preparation of the project began in November. In the first accomplishment phase, in January and February of 2017, the two lower cyclone phases were replaced, with the aim of creating the appropriate flow characteristics for the cyclones using the new technology, and thus ensuring long term operation. The steel structures were built in by the end of January, then fireproof materials were installed in the inside of the cyclones. The next step was drying: the water contained in the fireproof concrete was evaporated from the system before heating it up. The next phase starts in the middle of March with laying the foundations of the 76-metre-tall calcinator and the bypass silo.

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