22 November 2016

Plenty of Green Solutions this year, too

In the 2015 tender period, contrary to previous practice, we not only supported the implementation of green initiatives in the catchment areas of the cement plants in Beremend and Vác, but also in and around Pécs. We contributed to green projects with a total sum of 7.5 million Hungarian forints.

Our company philosophy relies on sustainability, and we are integrating it into our daily operations. Our Green Solutions tender series has been drawing attention to the importance of preserving nature in the past five years, supporting altogether 21 environmental protection projects since its launch.

Community Herbarium and Educational Centre in Palkonya

The project created in Palkonya aims to involve the local people in presenting herbs, green spices and mushrooms growing in nature, and also the unique species of butterflies found in the special Mediterranean climate. The efforts of the local people to collect rainwater, to compost, to use natural herbicides and to have a drying machine operated with solar and wind power will make the community herbarium especially green.

Herb Garden in Villány

The Teleki Zsigmond Agricultural Secondary School and Student Hostel in Villány aimed to create with this tender a leisure park at the premises of the school, which is also suitable for teaching children about environmental protection. The renovation of the garden and planting different plants – including the creation of a garden of green spices – is both educational and creates a green community environment as well.

Bird friendly garden in Szava’s kindergarten

The garden of the Szavai Kindergarten turned bird friendly. Special equipment was set up to help children get to know the birds around them, by observing the birds’ lifestyle, behaviour and their relationship to humans. This facilitates bringing up children in an environmentally friendly way, and helps them discover and appreciate the values and beauty of nature.

Fairy Tale Track of Kővágószőlős – Jakabhegy

The project introduces children to the values of nature and to the history of civilisation in the form of stories. It also teaches about the flora and fauna of the forest and the legends associated with the area. There are storyboards along the hiking track featuring QR codes that lead to further information; also selective waste bins help preserving the surrounding nature. The plans include a mining and geological exhibition, too.

Green community garden in Pécs

The Gyermekeinkért Foundation of the Bánki Donát Primary School in Pécs created a green community garden with the support of DDC to help the environmentally conscious education of children. The project brought about mini gardens that are taken care of by the children. The children grow vegetables, herbs, green spices and flowers; the work is divided according to their age groups.

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