Concrete Business Line

The Concrete Business Line of DDC, the unit which produces ready-mixed concrete, offers a wide variety of products with the highest quality and can serve its customers from almost any places of the country. In its concrete plants the business line produces particular (for example sulphate resistant, watertight or abrasion resistant concrete) and ordinary products as well with the best available controlling technologies applied. By favour of DDC the business line has a secure background and beside ready-mixed concrete production it has services such as concrete transport to construction sites and concrete pumping.

In cooperation with Beton Technológia Centrum Kft. we continually monitor the process of production in our plants, which enables us to have a well-documented, internal control which corresponds to the technical directions. This continuous control of the production covers different mandatory processes such as sampling or quality tests, and helps us during the experimentation of new concrete recipes and the extension of our product portfolio.