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Beton Technológia Centrum Kft. carries out concrete technological and technical consultancy, on-site sampling and static tests in its laboratories in Budapest, Dunaújváros and Debrecen. It’s a part of the activity of the company to distribute templates used for the sampling of fresh concrete, and other tools too. Beton Technológia Centrum Kft.’s accredited laboratories, in cooperation with DDC, analyse the properties of cement directly in the concrete, and the specialists are able to elaborate optimal concrete recipes for each application field.
Fresh concrete tests:

  • consistency measurement
  • on-site and laboratory sampling, specimen preparation
  • fresh concrete air content determination
  • density determination
  • water/cement factor determination

Hardened concrete tests:

  • destructive testing of mechanical properties (compressive strength, cleavage strength)
  • non destructive testing with Schmidt hammer
  • watertight testing
  • frost resistance and freeze-scaling testing
  • core sample drilling with diameters 50-100-150 mm

Other services:

  • design and maintenance of concrete formula
  • test mixing
  • concrete technology consultancy
  • preparation for certified factory product control

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