Motivation is the key to success

DDC's technical development programme has been recognised

Giving our employees the space to express their views and implement their ideas to help us work better and more effectively is a priority for our company. That's why we introduced the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) programme, which has now been recognised with a professional award.

HRPOWER.HU, in cooperation with Kreatív, has announced the HRKOMM Award, the oldest competition in the HR communication profession, for the sixth time.

In the HR-KOMM Award 2022 competition, we were nominated in the category of Motivation Systems, and our application was awarded a Bronze place by the jury.

Every employee's opinion counts!

DDC has recognised that the best people who know about the specialisms in the factories are the workers themselves. That's why we introduced the CIP Programme, where colleagues can submit their ideas for innovative improvements.    

The programme, which has received strong communication support, has contributed to our company's main objective of more sustainable and efficient economic operations. It focuses on the areas that are important for our business, the most important of which are efficient and effective operations, strengthening environmental awareness within the company, job safety and workforce retention. 

We position ourselves as an employer that takes active responsibility for the wellbeing of our employees, our wider environment and the conservation of our natural assets.

Zoltán Guth

Head of Communications

Communication Department Kőhídpart dűlő 2.
2600 Vác

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