DDC Green Solutions for Sustainability

Sustainable growth and the preservation of biodiversity have always been parts of the mentality and corporate culture of DDC. In 2011 the company launched the Green Solution Tender to help the local infrastructure becoming green and promote environmentally conscious thinking by providing financial resources for local communities.

The best green initiatives in the catchment areas of Beremend and Vác are supported by a total amount of €15 000 each year. Since autumn 2015 another €3500 comes to the total amount aiming green projects to be realized in the catchment area of Pécs as well. The aim of these projects are to teach the local communities about environmental preservation, encourage them to get to know their local environment, and set the right values that will lead the society forward. Over the past 13 years DDC supported the implementation of 70 projects with a contribution of over €250 000.

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