The Future is in our Hands

Responsible thoughts on biodiversity

DDC published a brochure dedicated to the International Year of Biodiversity, which presents information on the challenges of environmental protection and the activity of DDC to conserve nature. In this volume we can read about things individuals can do to protect biodiversity. There is an individual chapter for the species that live in the environment of their quarries. We can read about the concept of ecological footprint too. For example Hungary’s ecological footprint is 3 global hectare per person, but its biocapacity is only 2,23 hectare. So we consume more than the amount that can be produced within the territory of the country.

Responsible thoughts on and for the forests

In 2011, on the occasion of the International Year of Forests, DDC continued to publish brochures which present the values of our environment, with the volume “Future is In Our Hands – Responsible thoughts on and for the forests”, which is dedicated to the memory of László Zvekanovics, the Head of Environment, Health and Safety of DDC Group. We depend on forests and trees in numerous fields of our life. It’s enough to think about the medicine made by their treasures, to our books or our furniture and lots of food. Besides the irreplaceable natural values we endanger our own lives too if we don’t use responsibly and wisely the resources. With our brochure we’d like to draw attention to this and the spirit with which we run our company.

Energy economics responsibly and consciously

Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd. operates in harmony with the principle of sustainable development which is intensified by the company’s centennial tradition and international background. Sustainability is present in the company’s activity: it applies modern, eco-conscious technical methods, manages natural resources well, and improves its production technology. The third volume of “The future is In Our Hands” brochure presents sustainable, responsible and conscious energy consumption.