Environmental Investment at Vác Plant

With the modernization

  • we promote the protection of nature as our emission is reduced,
  • we help the residents of this region since we remain a reliable and stable employer of the area
  • we increase our operational safety in order to continue our activities in a sustainable way.

Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. launched an almost HUF 9 billion new environmental investment to further minimize the already low level of dust emission. The modernization contributes to the growth of operational safety,  helps sustainable cement production, and ensures that our company stays a reliable and stable employer in the area for the next decades.

Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. has had a dominant economic role in the life of Vác and its surrounding region for more than half a century as the company is one of the biggest employers of the area. Our products contribute significantly to everyday life; concrete – and therefore cement as well – is the second most frequently used material after water. One of the most important pillars of our philosophy is sustainability, and we support it with our corporation routines – such as moderate energy and mineral resource management or waste sorting – and with our social responsibility programs.The Vác Plant reached a new milestone in 2016 when we started a complex modernization process based on the maximum trust of the ownership structure. As a result we are able to continue our producing activity with more modern conditions with the aim of protecting our environment.

The environmental investment enables a more eco-friendly cement production which easily fits the ever tightening emission limits of the near future. As a result of the modernization investment of the Beremend Plant in 2008, dust emission decreased significantly. Our purpose is to minimize emission compared to the current low level in the Vác Plant and with this we are set to strengthen our role in the area.

The technical development started in the summer of 2016 and it lasted until April 2018. With the use of the more modern technological solutions we take another step towards sustainability. The first part of the project was finished in early March 2017. The phase included the replacement of two cyclone heat exchangers and the flue gas conduit as well, in addition to the partial modernization of the clinker cooler. In April the foundation works of the new calciner tower were finished, while at the same time the bypass and the 32 meter-high silo were also built.

One step closer to circular economy

As the continuation of the modernization that was carried out between 2016 and 2018 we launched another HUF 2 billion budget project in 2019 in cooperation with the Italian-based Enstorga group.

Summary shortfilm about the realisation of the project

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Interviews about the developments of the modernization with Zsolt Szilágyi, leader of the project
Technological background
  • we changed our electrostatic furnace filter to the more efficient bag filter to reduce emission
  • we comply not only with the current environmental regulations but the future ones as well
  • we reduced our carbon-petroleum coke fuel use, and we increased the use of substitute, eco-friendly, fully overseen and safe fuels.
Environmental modernization in numbers
  • the investment is about HUF 7 billion
  • the modernization complies with the future, more rigorous emission regulations
  • doubled (60%) substitute fuel use, which could be further increased to 80%
  • our clinker production capacity can be 2400 tons/day, which could be further increased to 2700 tons/day
  • experiences of Beremend: compared to the current low emmission level there is more decrease of dust emission
The second phase of the environmental investment has also been completed

The project oversaw the implementation of Enstorga’s two patented technologies in the construction of an alternative fuel storage hall with a floor area of 1000 m² and an automation system using 4.0 industrial solutions.

With the project delivered in the spring of this year, the replacement of fossil fuels will further reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated during the production of one tonne of cement.

For the first time in the history of the Hungarian cement industry, a technological line for storing and dispensing alternative fuels that operates automatically without human intervention has been implemented. With that addition our company will be one step closer to establishing circular economy.

Paying attention to every detail

Excellent teamwork and coordination allowed the project schedule to meet every deadline. This would be a challenge even in ideal times, but during the COVID-19 pandemic especially so.

The construction area of the brownfield investment covered also the remnants of the technology built in 1963 and the dismantled in the 1990s.

The entire supply and construction cycle has been carried out in accordance with the highest international technical and quality standards. During the project 2.500 m³ of concrete and 150 tonnes of rebar were built in on the site.

In terms of health and safety, the 14 month project was completed without accident, on time, and in line with budgetary plans at the end of January.

The environmental modernization in numbers (2019-2020)
  • HUF 2 billion budget project 
  • reduction of the amount of carbon dioxide generated during the production of one tonne of cement
  • in addition to the use of 20.000 tonnes of fossil fuels the use of 130.000 tonnes of waste made suitable as substitute for fuel
  • 2.500 m³ of concrete and 150 tonnes of rebar built in on the site
  • an automation system using 4.0 industrial solutions established