Cement production in Beremend celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2020. The people living in the Beremend-Nagyharsány area have produced lime and then cement from the beginning of the 1900s on the basis of the high-quality raw materials found there. Today, in addition to respecting the traditions, industry 4.0 solutions, innovation, continuous development and world-class technology characterize the cement production in Beremend.

Beremend, the Southern Gate of Baranya

The cement plant at Beremend lies in a very unique geographical place, surrounded by the protected limestone of the Villány wine region and the Szársomlyó mountain like an amazing landscape. Beremend Plant has more than a hundred years of tradition. With one of the purest limestone in the country and the good quality of the clay available, conditions for cement production are ideal in this region. The cement industry first appeared here when Prince Georg Schaumburg-Lippe decided to set up a cement plant which started production already in 1910.

 As eco-friendly and energy efficient management is very important for the company, Beremend Plant was the first cement producer in Hungary which started the applying of used tyres in high volume for energy saving purposes. Due to this activity the plant relieves the country from a significant environmental harm. Between 2007 and 2009 a comprehensive development program was carried out with several purposes aiming to modernize cement production by implementing a more eco-friendly technology at the plant. As a result of this modernization Beremend Plant became one of the modern cement plants in Europe, and also guarantees the decisive role of the plant on the market and the economical development of the area as well.

Watch a short film (in Hungarian language) on the modernization of the plant between 2007 and 2009


Ádám Müller
Plant Manager

Vác Plant