Awards, recognitions

During our several decades of operation, we have received numerous awards and recognitions, which we can be justly proud of even after many years. In addition to the corporate recognitions, the individual successes and awards achieved by our employees have also increased considerably over the years.

2024. Employee satisfaction is the priority

For years, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK) has been running the Reliable Employer competition. Companies that provide exemplary and reliable care for the working and living conditions of their employees are rewarded. Our company's tender was positively evaluated by the committee, and we were awarded the title of Reliable Employer for the next three years.

2024. If the CIP could talk!

In the competition for the GREENGAGE, or "Green commitment award", PPH Media awarded companies that today in Hungary manufacture their products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, or support the market with their developments and processes.

This is reflected in the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) we have introduced (and renewed in 2021 with several fine-tuned elements) in recent years, where our colleagues can submit their ideas for innovative improvements, helping our company to operate more sustainably, safe and effectively, especially cost-effectively. Our company entered and won the competition in the category of "supporting tools", including "HR tools".

2023. DDC was recognized as a Family Friendly Company

The family-friendly approach is now considered fundamental. Our company - which employs nearly 600 employees - also puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the employees see the company as a family-friendly workplace. In 2023, the Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation once again recognized our family-friendly efforts.

2023. The CIP Program brought recognition - and savings - to DDC

Our company's Continuous Improvement Program (CIP), which has enjoyed unbroken popularity among DDC employees since its renewal in 2021, was recognized at the PR Excellence Award (PREXA), a competition presenting the country's best PR activities. The application of DDC and FERLING, called "Thank you for switching!" was awarded by the professional jury with the highest, gold grade!

2023. Work and private life in harmony - DDC received a family-friendly trademark

The satisfaction and well-being of employees is of fundamental importance to Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. Our company does everything to ensure that employees enjoy working for the company and see DDC as a family-friendly workplace. Our efforts have also been recognized with a trademark by the Family-Friendly Hungary Center.

2023. Family-friendly approach within the company and beyond

Our company's family-friendly way of thinking is closely linked to its social responsibility strategy. To the best of our current capabilities, we continuously help employees and those living in the vicinity of cement fplants with our programs and initiatives. In 2023, our commitment to society was also recognized by the National Association of Large Families, and its chairmanship awarded Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. with the "Cradle Award" Bronze level for its activities for the benefit of families and the association.

2022 - Being family friendly is cool!

For years, the Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation has recognised companies that implement family-friendly practices in their daily operations and tailor them to the needs of their employees.

The 2022 Family Friendly Company of the Year Awards were presented at the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement Gala, for the tenth time.  In addition to the main prize, the "Family Friendly Company" award was presented to 49 companies this year, including DDC. The title does not come automatically, in all cases it is backed up by respectable results.

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2022 - DDC's corporate social responsibility was awarded

In 2022, the CSR Hungary Award (Corporate Social Responsibility Award) was announced for the 15th time, and this year again the most outstanding responsible and sustainable initiatives, products, services and projects were recognised.

DDC's responsible and sustainable employee efforts were rewarded in the Corporate Social Responsibility category as the "Best CSR Programme” by the jury!

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2022 - Motivation is the key to success

HRPOWER.HU, in cooperation with Kreatív, has announced the HRKOMM Award, the oldest competition in the HR communication profession, for the sixth time.

In the HR-KOMM Award 2022 competition, we were nominated in the category of Motivation Systems, and our application was awarded a Bronze place by the jury.

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2022 - DDC’s social responsibility recognized with professional award

The purpose of the Green Awards contest, announced for the first time this year and jointly supported by the Hungarian Bankholding, Solar Markt, PwC Hungary, and the Portfolio Group, is to recognize outstanding sustainability performances and programs or innovations carried out by domestic companies.

Over the past decades, we have launched many programs to promote sustainability and protect our environment. Our company's last endeavour was honoured at the professional contest, as the "Good Cause of the Year" prize was awarded to DDC by the professional jury.

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2021 – Our company’s responsible employer and sustainability efforts are recognized by 3 professional awards

OFA Nonprofit Kft. has been organizing its “Responsible Employer of the Year” competition since 2016, which aims to recognize Hungarian employers that put special value on human resources. In 2021 the Responsible Employer of the Year prize in the corporate category was awarded to our company.

For years, the Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation has been honouring companies that introduce family-friendly practices in their day-to-day operation. Besides giving out the Family-Friendly Company of the Year grand prize, the title of “Family-Friendly Company” was also awarded to 39 companies this year, including DDC.

In 2021 PPH Media announced the DoingGood – CSR Award for the second time to raise awareness about the importance of corporate social responsibility. Duna-Dráva Cement Kft., with its application submitted in the “Integrated CSR Projects” category earned the “special mention” recognition.

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2021 - The Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. rewards DDC's efforts in trademark usage

Back in 2015, DDC won the right to use the prestigious Hungarian and Domestic Product trademarks, the communication of which we give high priority to in all fields since then. The commitment of our company was rewarded in 2021 by the Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd.; DDC was rewarded an award for the outstanding internal communication of trademarks.

2020 – DDC wins another award in the Plant of the Year competition

DDC has previously competed in the Plant of the Year contest in 2018, and we were named best in the category of Employee Satisfaction. In 2020, we entered with the Beremend plant unit, and the jury awarded our company the Industry 4.0 category award.

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2020 – DDC receives award for the protection of the environment

The Association of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers has been recognizing the work of those who participate in the improvement and development of the state of Hungary’s environment for many years. In 2020 DDC earned the first prize in the Enterprise category.

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2019 – The Company’s corporate social responsibility efforts honoured

DDC was awarded by the Baranya County Organization of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers for achieving outstanding results in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. DDC’s CSR activities focus on supporting the environment, health, community sports, and local cultural initiatives.

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2019 – Plant of the Year 2018 – DDC wins the award in the category of Employee Satisfaction

The Plant of the Year competition was held for the fourth time in 2018. The jury made the final decision subsequent to a site visit accompanied by an internal audit, on the basis of which our Vác Plant was named best in the category of Employee Satisfaction.

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2017 – DDC President-CEO receives the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit

On the occasion of our national holiday, on 15 March János Szarkándi, President-CEO of Duna-Dráva Cement Kft., was awarded the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit in the civilian category for his many years of dedicated and persistent professional efforts.

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2015 – DDC’s cement products receive Hungarian Product and Domestic Product trademarks

Every Hungarian product purchased – be it food, detergent or building material – creates domestic jobs and supports the development of the national economy, while the trademark is a guarantee that it is a controlled, quality product.

Utilizing 50 years of industry experience at the Vác Plant, and more than 100 years of know-how at the Beremend Plant, the Company manufactures its products with state-of-the-art production technology and in an environmentally conscious manner, as a result of which all of the company’s cement products have won one of the trademarks.

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2015 – Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ) – Genius Loci Award – Supporting responsibly the talents of the future

The aim of the Genius Loci Award is to recognize and reward Hungarian companies and businesses that support talent management in exemplary ways and provide significant help in developing the skills of talented young people.

Through its Youth and Innovation Foundation, Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. has been supporting talented students living in the immediate vicinity of its cement plants for a decade now. The “Duna-Dráva for Talents” scholarship program has also been recognized by professional organizations: DDC – upon the nomination of the György Boronkay Technical Vocational and High School in Vác – won the prestigious “Genius Loci Award – Companies and Entrepreneurs for Talents”, which was founded by the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ) and awarded for the first time in 2015.

2014 – KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies – The cement factory receives the “Largest High Hanging Fruit” award

For the 11th time, the KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies awarded companies that implemented environmental investments and measures resulting in outstanding savings. We are proud to be among the winners this year.

As a result of the investments made in DDC’s Vác plant since 2010-2011, the secondary fuel utilization capacity has increased to 85,000 tons per year, of which the company can currently utilize 16,300 tons. This prevents the burning of 9,000 tons of petroleum coke per year, which means that the company reduced its CO2 emissions by 7,647 tons annually. The return on the HUF 780 million investment is almost 9 years and it enables savings of slightly more than HUF 200 million per year.

2012 – Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association – Bird-friendly workplace award

We applied for the title at the internal initiative of our employees, and by installing birdhouses, drinkers and feeders, the Bird-Friendly Workplace Award given by the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association recognized our Beremend plant at the end of 2012, and our Vác facility in April 2013 with the title.