“Duna-Dráva for Talents” Scholarship Program

The „Duna-Dráva for Talents” scholarship would like to support children who are really talented in sport, academic studies or cultural areas and with their development and accomplishment they are above the average. During the semester winners receive the scholarship in order to reach their goals and unfold their potential. In the 2021/2022 semester the Board of trustees awarded 47 students in Vác and 42 students in Beremend. The contest-winning students are very talented in different aspects and have a balanced accomplishment in their studies. The students to won this scholarship had shown us remarkable performance in sports, academic, and music competitions.  This meant a monthly sum of HUF 8.000 to primary school students and HUF 10.000 to high school students.

For a decade now Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. through its foundation „youth and innovation” supports talented students who live in the neighbourhood of DDC’s cement factories. In the terms of the commitment for the quality and the responsibility for the future, DDC announces its scholarship application every year.

The results which were achieved by the students indicating the importance of the company’s foundation work. Within the confines of the “Duna-Dráva for Talents” scholarship since 2006/2007 in Vác and 2010/2011 in Beremend DDC have sponsored about 989 talented students with a total amount of HUF 71 million (EUR 220.000).