Green Alternative Competition and Open Day

This year’s Green Alternative Competition was held in our Beremend Cement Plant.

The six finalist teams and their helpers gave everything they had and solved all the tasks so that they could return home with valuable prizes and experiences.

In our eyes every team won, but as with all competitions, the judges decided the final outcome. Students of the Koch Valéria School Center proved to be the best of them all, the second place went to a team from Pollack Mihály Vocational High School, while the bronze medal was clinched by the students of Kodály Zoltán High School.

In 2019 we will hold the Green Alternative Competition and Open Day in Vác again, where we welcome every interested students and teachers!

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Beremend 2018

Zöld Alternatíva Vetélkedő és Nyílt Nap 2018 Beremend.

Beremend 2016

Green Alternative Competition 2016, Beremend.

Vác 2017

Green Alternative Competition 2017.

Vác 2015

Green Alternative Competition.