Green Alternative Competition and Open Day

As a major economic player of Baranya region, Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. considers it essential to inform local residents about the company’s operation and developments, and to present their activities directly to those who are interested in the sustainable connection between the industry and the environment. In our opinion it is really important to give an opportunity to the people from time to time to familiarize themselves with plants.

Therefore we created the DDC Green Alternative Competition and Open Day, which is a fun contest combined with a plant visit for high school teachers and students who are interested in our work. At the contest the delegations have to answer questions related to topics about eco-friendly cement production and waste processing, and solve interesting and exciting challenges. In order to enter the competition the contestants had to complete and submit an online questionnaire about waste management, the cement industry and environmental protection.

In 2022, we organized the competition again after the omissions caused by the coronavirus. At the final on May 27, for the sixth time now, local high school students tested their skills in Beremend. The six finalist teams and their helpers gave everything they had and solved all the tasks so that they could return home with valuable prizes and experiences.

If you have any questions about the Green Alternative Competition, please feel free to contact our colleague Zoltán Guth at the email address or the phone number +36 27 51 1737.

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Summary of the contest held in 2022

Vác 2019
Beremend 2018
A cementgyárak korszerű technológiájának és a fenntartható gazdálkodásban vállalt szerepük bemutatására Zöld Alternatíva néven, csapatversenyt hirdetett a Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. A középiskolásoknak szóló vetélkedő során a résztvevők izgalmas, ugyanakkor elgondolkodtató feladatok segítségével tekinthettek a cementgyár kulisszái mögé. A május 28-án megrendezett döntőn a váci Boronkay György Műszaki Szakközépiskola, Gimnázium és Kollégium diákjai bizonyultak a legjobbnak, és értékes nyereményekkel térhettek …
Vác 2015