Green Altrenative Competition 2018 - Beremend

As a key economic player in the country we consider it important to continuously inform the people living in Vác, Beremend and their surrounding regions about our developments and to present our daily activities directly to those who are interested in us.  

On the 27th of April we held the Green Alternative Competition and Open Day for the fourth time. The Beremend Cement Plant hosted the event for the second time. Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd.’s self-developed creative contest is a great opportunity for high school students living in and around of Vác and Beremend to get acquainted with the cement factory.

Just like in the previous tournaments, during the first phase of the multi-round competition the teams had to fulfil a questionnaire on environmental protection, the cement industry and waste management according to the best of their knowledge, in addition to presenting a short film where the participants shared their thoughts on how DDC impacts their environment – all from a point of view of an animal. The six best teams reached the final where further exciting challenges were waiting for them.

The finalists headed towards the Beremend Plant and equipped by their skills and imagination, started to solve the tasks. During the day they also toured the chemistry lab, the waste management hall and the mine. The end of the programme featured a fashion show, where the students displayed concrete jewellery and clothes made from DDC cement sacks, while they also performed musical numbers re-written to reflect them and DDC.

After this lighthearted finale came the moment everybody was waiting for, the announcement of the results. The students of the Koch Valéria School Center proved to be the best of them all, the second place went to a team from Pollack Mihály Vocational High School, while the bronze medal was clinched by the students of Kodály Zoltán High School.

You can watch the team videos and a photo gallery of the event on our Facebook page: