Green Alternative Competition 2015

As a major economic player of Vác and its surrounding region, Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. considers it essential to inform local residents about the company’s operation and developments, and to present their activities directly to those who are interested in the sustainable connection between the industry and the environment. In our opinion it is really important to give an opportunity to the people from time to time to familiarize themselves with our factory.

Therefore we created the DDC Green Alternative Competition and Open Day, which is a fun contest combined with a factory tour for high school teachers and students who are interested in our work. At the contest the delegations have to answer questions related to topics about eco-friendly cement production and waste processing, and solve interesting and exciting challenges.In order to enter the competition the contestants had to complete and submit an online questionnaire about waste management, the cement industry and environmental protection, between 23 April and 7 May 2015. From the most successful applicants 6 teams from Vác had an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills at the entertaining but challenging final held on 28 May. In 2015 the students of Boronkay György Technical College, High School and Boarding School proved to be the best and the team members returned home with valuable prizes.

The competition began on the banks of the Danube, and when the students arrived at the Vác Cement Plant they had to solve tasks in connection with bird protection. Later they had the chance to show their chemistry knowledge in DDC’s laboratory and their expertise in environmental protection at the waste management hall, while the creativity of the contestants was showcased during the fashion show, which exhibited dresses made from cement sacks.The team called “An awfully nice team” of Boronkay György Technical College, High School and Boarding School finished at the first place, the second place went to team “Madách of Vác” of Madách Imre High School, and the third place was clinched by team “Greenhorns” of Boronkay György Technical College, High School and Boarding School. The winners were awarded valuable prizes: the champions won a tablet each, the silver medallists received digital cameras, and the members of the third team collected mp3 players. During the fun challenges the students got to know the eco-friendly technologies of DDC, the ways to use alternative fuels, and the process of conscious cement production. 

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