Ecocrete, the next generation of concrete

DDC continues to expand its portfolio, taking another step towards the climate goal! Ecocrete, a new product from our concrete business, enables users to create a lower environmental footprint.

Eco-concrete, developed from German experience, continues to provide high quality and durability, and has the same strength characteristics as conventional concrete. In fact, it can be used to safely build thicker structures, all while allowing for a lower environmental footprint. 

The production of Ecocrete significantly reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60%, thanks to optimised cements and environmentally responsible raw material sourcing and use.

Sustainability ambitions for the future

DDC has defined the key themes and principles of its sustainability strategy in maximum alignment with its parent company. Ecocrete is part of this process, as there is currently no alternative to cement and concrete, as building materials, that can effectively respond to the high demand. 

That's why Ecocrete is the next generation of concrete!

Zoltán Guth

Head of Communications

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