Actual Projects

  • Silence in the noise

    Juhász Gyula Primary School of Vác applied with the project called "Silence in the noise" and won the Green Solution tender.
  • Let us get some Sun!

    The goal of the "Let us get some Sun!" project, organized by the Péter Cseh Primary School in Szokolya and the Foundation for Equal Opportunities, is to physically present the solar system operating in the institution.
  • External interactive corner

    The Kindergarten of Kisvác set out to create an external interactive activity corner.
  • Fenntartható és ehető óvodaudvar

    A Nagyharsányi Óvoda pályázatával azt a célt tűzte ki, hogy az óvodába járó gyerekek minden évszakban friss és egészséges zöldségekhez jussanak.
  • Circulation in the green

    Déli ASzC Teleki Zsigmond Agricultural Technical School, Vocational Training School and College continued the park transformation they started five years ago with the tender entitled "Circulation in the green".
  • Discover the beauty of your homeplace

    István Fekete Kindergarten and Kitchen of Orfű, announced as the winner in the Pécs catchment area, created a closed, open-air workplace in the hope of interactive education, discoveries, experiments and games with its program called "Discover the beauty of your homeplace - the center of Orfű explorers".
  • Off with the shoes!

    Kindergarten of Szava with its application called "Off with the shoes!" wants to establish an environmentally conscious life, and to develop the children's movement and health.