One step closer to circular economy

Our company has been operating the Vác and Beremend cement plants in accordance with the principle of sustainability for a long time now. Sustainability, as a coroporate philosophy, appears in all our activities as we use modern, environmentally conscious technical procedures, manage the natural resources with the utmost care, and continuously improve our production technology.

Back in 2016 we initiated a HUF 7 billion complex modernization process at the Vác cement plant, and following that up launched another HUF 2 billion budget project in 2019 in cooperation with the Italian-based Enstorga group. The project oversaw the implementation of Enstorga’s two patented technologies in the construction of an alternative fuel storage hall with a floor area of 1000 m² and an automation system using 4.0 industrial solutions.

With the project delivered in the spring of this year, the replacement of fossil fuels will further reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated during the production of one tonne of cement.For the first time in the history of the Hungarian cement industry, a technological line for storing and dispensing alternative fuels that operates automatically without human intervention has been implemented. With that addition our company will be one step closer to establishing circular economy.

Excellent teamwork and coordination allowed the project schedule to meet every deadline. The setting up of the system was started on 21 February with material delivery, and within its framework we increase the delivery and dispensing performance of the system step by step. The full scale launch of the system was completed in the first half of March.

The focus of our company’s corporate social responsibility activities is the protection of the environment and support towards local cultural initiatives. During the decades we have been active we have won numerous professional awards. Most recently our work was recognized with the “Award for the Protection of the Environment”.

You can find out more about our environmental activities in our sustainability report.

Zoltán Guth

Head of Communications

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Modernization at Vác.

Modernization at Vác.