The new life of a gravel pit

Our company spends tens of millions annually on the recultivation of land withdrawn from mining to maintain a balance between landscape and wildlife. To this end, in the framework of a special reclamation project, we gradually converted an already disused pit lake into an area suitable for agricultural cultivation.

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In 2021, with the help of a local farmer, Árpád Ficsor, we started the recultivation of the former gravel pit near Dunaharaszti. In the first phase of the project, part of the lake was filled in and cultivated, and this spring it was sown with maize on an experimental basis.

The fall harvest was preceded by a number of work processes; deep plowing and tillage took place, followed by sowing. Despite the drought, nearly 2 tons of corn were harvested from the experimental area in October. After harvest, the corn kernels, which were grown by the farmer for his own cattle herd, were dried naturally.

The project is a fine example of the versatility of the modern construction industry, the recycling of a given area, and the restoration of the natural environment. 

In harmony with nature
Floating islands on a pit lake
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