DDC wins Environmental Protection Award

Every year the Association of Environmental Enterprises recognizes the work of those involved in improving and developing the environmental wellbeing of Hungary.

The association established its environmental protection award in 2000, which acknowledges companies, individuals or even students who contribute to reducing pollution and raising environmental awareness in society, and set an example for the local populace through their efforts to achieve sustainability.
Nominations were accepted this year in three categories: business, individual, and youth.
It is another major and outstanding success for DDC that it has been awarded the first prize in the business category. The award was accepted on the behalf of DDC by Dr. László Szabó, Deputy Chief Technical Officer and Balázs Bocskay, Alternative Energy Manager, at the 20th National Environmental Conference held on the 1st of February.

In its latest sustainability report, the company presents how it has created synergies between its operations and its environment, and details its sustainability and social responsibility efforts.

Zoltán Guth

Head of Communications

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Environmental Protection Award.

Environmental Protection Award.

Environmental Protection Award.