Battery plant to be built in Iváncsa, Fejér county

A large-scale development to build a battery plant for South Korean-owned SK Innovation on 135 hectares of land in Iváncsa, Fejér County, started in spring 2021.

The project is being carried out by Market Építő Zrt.

The project, unique in Hungary, is characterised by unprecedented volumes; as part of the project, the contractor will construct a total of 30 buildings, with a total floor area of 130,000 m2 and a total building floor area of 270,000 m2. These sizes are very significant in terms of industrial developments.

The construction involves the installation of 24,000 prefabricated elements, 6,705 tonnes of structural steel and more than 8,300 tonnes of reinforcing steel. In addition, the company used nearly 98,000 m2 of monolithic reinforced concrete structures and nearly 59,000 m2 of precast reinforced concrete frames. The buildings are clad on the outside with 94,000 m2 of sandwich panels. The bulk of the building consists of 161,000 m2 of internal sandwich panel walls and 42,000 m2 of drywalls, with a further 38,000 m2 of suspended ceiling.

A special feature of the project, apart from its size, is the use of the largest mobile concrete mixer in the country. This is necessary to ensure proper progress and to provide enough concrete to fill up to 17 mixers per hour.

For the project, our company supplied CEM II/B-S 42.5 N cement, while for the civil engineering works, the experts used CEM III/A 32.5 N-MSR cement. The work required nearly 55,000 tonnes of cement.

The project is expected to reach full completion in March 2023.


SK INNOVATION 2454 Iváncsa (Hungary)

Iváncsa Akkumulátorgyár.

Iváncsa Akkumulátorgyár.

Iváncsa Akkumulátorgyár.

Iváncsa Betonüzem.