Let’s go outside

The goal of the project of Újhegyi Street's Kindergarten is to help educators teach the basics of an environmentally conscious lifestyle to the children. DDC supported the realization of the kindergarten’s plans with HUF 1.800.000.

Learning while having fun is a cornerstone of kindergarten education as children learn about the world through their age-appropriate life experiences. Young children are still familiar with the concept of sharing and they can even influence their parents, leading them by example.

The main goal of the project is to create an open-air interactive communal space to be used by the kindergarten’s 125 children which can serve as a workshop for sharing knowledge in various subjects by offering a variety of activities. The games available here will help children to become acquainted with the beauty of nature, thereby establishing their interest in nature in order to become people who love and respect their environment and appreciate its values.

This open-air space is extraordinary and unique because the nursery students can use it regardless of weather conditions. The handover ceremony of the project took place on 8th June.

Zöld Megoldás-pályázat átadó ünnepség Vác.

Zöld Megoldás-pályázat átadó ünnepség Vác.

Zöld Megoldás-pályázat oklevél átadása Vácon.

Látványterv - Váci Újhegyi úti óvoda pályázata.