Playground Improvement and "Green Field"


The improvement of the playground of the kindergarten at the Cházár András EGYMI, Student Hostel and Children’s Home resulted in environmentally friendly surroundings that enable children with special educational needs to learn about environmentally conscious behaviour and preserving nature in accordance with their level and skills. For children with special educational needs it is crucial to become familiar with nature by touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, and the renovated playground and vegetable garden offers this opportunity.

The Váci Gazdászok és Kertészek, and the Táncsics Vocational School had a joint project called “Green Field” with the aim of familiarising future agriculturists with the theory and practice of sustainable development and environmentally conscious behaviour. To this aim bike racks were installed in the yard, garden furniture was used to create a green community space, and the prerequisites of selective waste gathering and composting were established.

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