About the TioCem® technology

One of the major problems of the urban and built environment is the air pollution (nitrogen oxides – NOX) originating from exhaust gases. These gases are dangerous to health, increase the risk of respiratory tract infections and could impede the functioning of the airways. TioCem® provides a clean and reliable environmental solution in several areas (e.g. the making of concrete curbstones, roofing tiles, stone and road pavement, noise wall panels, facade elements, security barriers, tunnel lining elements).

How does the TioCem® technology clean the air?

The TioCem® technology was first used in Hungary during the reconstruction of the Calvary Hill in Pécs, as the city is dedicated to environmental protection. TioCem® filters out nitrogen oxides present in the atmosphere and thus clears the air, which is especially important in an urban environment, where air pollution is usually higher. This type of cement contains titanium dioxide, which after coming into direct contact with sunlight enters a reaction with oxygen, which makes the concrete self-cleaning, and transforms the harmful nitrogen oxides in the air into materials which are not toxic to the human body.

Calvary Hill in Pécs

Calvary Hill in Pécs Tiocem.

Project details:

Special cement: TioCem®
Total value of renovation: 35 million forint
Completion: 2012