Visiting Beremend Plant or Vác Plant

Dear Visitor,

If you would like to visit our cement plant in Beremend or in Vác, please fill out our application form. Your registration will be complete, when you receive our feedback via e-mail.

Regarding actual dates of plant visits please contact our Communication Department or our Assistants to Technical Director. If you choose a date on our form which is not available, our colleagues will advise you other options. Please note that visitors under the age of 17 can attend a plant visit only in special cases. You can register groups with a number of maximum 20 people. Taking photos or recording videos during the plant visit is forbidden!

Safety information:

  • Always follow the instructions of the group leader!
  • Please follow the designated routes! Leaving these routes is only possible with the permission of the group leader!
  • Always be careful near vehicles or machineries!
  • Use of the safety helmet is obligatory during the visit!
  • Use of any machinery in the plant is forbidden!
  • In case of emergency always stay with the group leader and follow her/his instructions, always use the emergency exits!
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden in the cement plant; entering the plant under the influence of alcohol is also forbidden!

If you would like to apply for a plant visit, please click on the following link, and fill out the application form. Please enter your contact information correctly!

Application form

If you have any questions regarding the plant visit, please contact directly our colleagues. The contact information is at the bottom of this page under the gallery.

Visiting Beremend Plant:

Patrícia Zoltai
Assistant - Plant Manager

7827 Beremend, Pf. 20
Phone.: +36 72 574 501

Visiting Vác Plant:

Kitti Fendrik
Assistant - Plant Manager

2600 Vác, Kőhídpart dűlő 2.
Phone: +36 27 511 794