10. Responsibly for our customers and partners

We perform our activity according to the guidelines related to the decent market behaviour. We pay special attention to the information provided toward our partners, similarly to their safety during their cooperation with us, regardless whether it is about data protection, our products or the entry to the plants. These guidelines are accompanying our work processes.

10.1. Safety for the partners arriving at the production areas

We pay special attention to the safety and health of the partners visting our cement plants during the cooperation with us. We present them the related rules in advance and the partners will prove their understanding through a statement.

We provide full information to the customers and visitors about the safety when they enter the given site. In the cement plant in Vác and Beremend there is a film for this purpose. In case of the cement / concrete plant and stone quarries there are zone maps and risk-announcing indicators which also tell the need to wear the personal protection equipment, informing them about the dangerous zones (red zone) and the things they have to do in order to avoid the accidents.

In these zones it is obligatory to wear the personal protection equipment which means the helmet and visibility vest, goggles and closed shoes. These are available for the visitors in a limited quantity at each site.

For our suppliers and other subcontractors we elaborated the „Safety information for drivers” policy, and we present its content at each department with each contractual vehicle driver partner. The work-, fire- and environment protection rules form the indispensable attachment of all the subcontractors’ supply contract. At the site we are applying a sanction system to comply with the work-protection rules even for the suppliers.

10.2. Informative product labels for the full range orientation

The widening palette of the cement products creates new opportunities in the industry. The packaging that was renewed in 2008 then in 2015 help to get oriented among the various product types, the information printed on the sacks provide efficient help for the customers.

From 2015 the packaging of the cement products of Vác and Beremend indicate proudly the Hungarian and Domestic product brand. The Duna–Dráva Cement Kft. was the first cement-producing company to obtain the famous right to use the Hungarian and Domestic brand.

We keep continuous contact with the customers, every year we measure their satisfaction level because we are interested what they think of the products and the services. The phone-based or online questionnaire-based survey takes place based on various KPIs during which we are measuring the factual satisfaction level of the customer needs. In function of the obtained results we elaborate and implement measures, among other in connection with the development of our products. The customer satisfaction is between 1 and 10, in the survey of 2018 this value was 9 and we are very proud of it, and we try to sustain or increase this level.

10.3. Authenticity and transparent responsible marketing

The main element of our marketing communication strategy consists of delivering the true understandable information about our company and the products to every concerned party and our activity should be transparent for the public. We believe in honesty and by helping our partners with the responsible decision making when delivering the proper information.

Through the sack design renewed in 2015 our products provide more accurate information about the handling and utilisation related to the given product type. In addition we create connection in several other points with the business partners, on each side we try to have discussions, we take into consideration the customers’ feedback. We communicate with the buyers – together with the reseller partner network – using even their channels.

By using their online possibilities we appear on their web- sites, social media sites and at their sites, in their *POS materials, on their banners, publications, placards, selling tools – making sure the proper information is provided. Naturally we are informing our partners through our channels, by e-mail, on our website, the DDC’s online cement-ordering platform, the social media sites (Face- book, YouTube, LinkedIn) and the printed publications and our events (partner meetings, plant visits) provide excellent opportunity for this.

Our activity is supervised by several authorities in connection with the customer protection and decent market behaviour, according to the law in force. Such supervisory authority is the National consumer protection agency or the Competition authority.

10.4. Data protection

We pay special attention to the full compliance with the data protection regulation in force in connection with the communication and marketing areas but even the entire company, we regulate our activity at several points so that the data stored and handled by us are safe. There is an assigned data protection person responsible for the related tasks.

Before the GDPR’s coming into force our employees could gain information from the Employee information about the handling of personal data by the Employer and they received data protection training. The training is repeated every year by summarising the experience of the past year and considering the new official standpoints. The company has a Data protection policy that covers every department concerned with data protection, that contains data safety provisions, too. The operation of the recorders used when placing the orders and the cameras operating in the plant are contained in the attachment of the Data protection policy. Simultaneously with the preparation of the data protection policy the Company– last year - modified the inner documents and the con- tracts with third parties according to the GDPR rules. The Company has Data handling information which stipulates the handling of the data of the third parties (with special regard but not limited to the contracted partners, job applicants, persons participating in promotion / open day, students with scholarship, etc.) as well as the related rights and legal remedies of the concerned parties. The Data handling information can be found on the Company’s website.