1. General manager’s welcome

Our essential goal is to act sustainably and openly in favour ofour interested partners; this sustainability report has been created to accomplish this goal. This publication presents the detailsof our actions facilitating the sustainable operations, our environmental fundamentals and our social responsibility. In fact, we consider that we do much for a more sustainable future, both at corporate and social levels. These are the essentials we want to present for you distinctly and thematically.

We consider that the indispensable and definite, fundamental element for our long-term business goals is to harmonise the relations between our company group and our environment. This principle helps us to increase our income by sustainable and well-balanced growth using long-term cost management as well as create partnerships and collegial relations.

We act continuously for a supportable and sustainable future, the reduction of our operational emission as well as the respon sible natural resource management. In addition, we work actively to create a greener region surrounding us involving the various social actors. The program named "HeidelbergCement Sustainability Commitments 2030" set up by our owners and its integration into the everyday work is among our short-term goals, developing our operation year by year. I’m happy to see that our colleagues are satisfied employees of a responsible and successful company commited to the sustainability, participating actively in our social and value-generating processes!

We believe that our responsible decisions passed today will support the economic, social and natural environment and happylife of the future generation.

János Szarkándi
Chairman-General manager