3. The Company

In 2017, for the provision of the national economy with quality construction materials and the excellent professional and social international activity paying special attention to the responsibility and environmental consciousness, János Szarkándi, Chairman – General Manager of Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. was decorated with the Hungarian Golden Merit.

Leading international and domestic company group

Duna–Dráva Cement Kft. (DDC) is owned by HeidelbergCement AG and SCHWENK Zement KG (50 – 50%) seated in Germany. HeidelbergCement AG dealing mainly with pebble exploitation, cement and concrete production and marketing is one of the most decisive construction material producers in the world, while SCHWENK Zement KG is active in various branches of the construction industry beside cement production.

There are two cement plants producing cement in Hungary: in the South-Transdanubia area at Beremend and at Vác in Pest County. We operate more than 50 concrete plants, 6 gravel mines and unloading areas and 3 accredited concrete laboratories all over the country; since 2019, our portfolio was augmented with pavement stone production offering more than 300 kinds of pavement stones. Our affiliated companies are Beton Technológia Centrum Kft. (Concrete Technology Centre Ltd) and Tvornica Cement Kakanj.

Tradition of centuries

The cement production at Beremend counts 110 years and more than half a century at Vác, since 1963. In Hungary, the purest limestone, offering great advantages for the cement production can be found at Beremend. For the Vác Plant, the Trias-age limestone provides the quality raw material to the cement production.

Sustainability as basic principle

The DDC employees follow the principle that the Company’s activity is based on the economic, environmental and social sustainability. We contribute to the global success with local responsibility and the precondition to achieve our targets is the safe labour without risking our health. The reduction of the air pollution and the protection of the climate are high priorities for us.

Integrated system for constant quality

In 1996, two companies (separated) started to apply the quality assurance system pursuant to the ISO 9002:1994 standard. In 2002, Vác and Beremend introduced a quality management system (MIR) pursuant to ISO 9001, an environment management system (KIR) pursuant to ISO 14001, in 2004, an ccupational health protection and safety management system (MEBIR) was applied pursuant to MSZ 28001.

In 2018, HeidelbergCement and eight other company formed Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA). The aim of this association is to increase the contribution of the branch to the sustainable construction and encourage the continuous innovation. The focus is set on the sustainable development, urbanisation and mitigation of the climatic changes.