4. A sustainable company and its operational environment

In full harmony: the mother company’s targets

The program "HeidelbergCement Sustainability Commitments 2030" specifies the most important topics of the sustainability strategy and their main principles. The owner HeidelbergCement Group sets such targets for 2030 as “leading economic power and innovation”, “excellence in the fields of “occupational health and safety”, “reduction of the ecologic footprint”, “encouraging the circular economy”, “to be a good neighbour” as well as “compliance and creating transparency” marking out the way for us as well.

More than a kind of approach

Sustainability plays a decisive role in our life and is part of the corporate business. Considering the cement and concrete as construction materials, there is no alternative being able to satisfy the ever growing demands. Until this situation does not change, the cement and the concrete made of it will be necessary to satisfy the mankind’s needs for infrastructure and other constructions. As a result of the tendentious growth in number of the inhabitants of the Earth, more and more people need homes, offices, shopping centres and roads. The approach how that huge quantity of the required construction will be produced matters much. For this reason, sustainability plays an important role for Duna–Dráva Cement Kft. as well.

Sustainability in everyday life

The production in our company always follows the principle of the sustainable development. Our company, keeping in mind the future generation’s needs for the Earth’s resources, uses only the required quantity of natural resources. This is a strategy not only for the production of limestone, clay and gravel, but for the cement and concrete production as well. For our company the principle of sustainability is a strategic issue and applies environment-friendly technologies, operates an integrated company and quality management systems and plays a role in the social relations as well. Furthermore, it makes efforts to minimise the base material and energy consumption in the cement production process finding options to substitute the natural minerals. The principle of sustainability is exemplary for our entire organisation, i.e. for all employees, too. The top and medium management’s responsibility is to communicate these goals adequately and clearly to all levels and offer a model of good practice for all employees.

Strategy of sustainability for 2030

Our company is in full compliance with the efforts laid down by the owner HeidelbergCement Group for the period till 2030. The achievement of sustainable profitability by effective management of the processes and the continuous development of our products and services is listed among our sustainability-related efforts. Furthermore, we are committed to the continuous development of the health and labour conditions of the employees, partners and third players and assume our part from the global responsibility. Instead of natural raw materials, the natural reserves will be preserved by gradual expansion of the share of alternative energy sources and we are committed to the support of the communities surrounding our company. Open communication will be provided for the interested parties. Finally, DDC is insisting on the international human rights, anti-corruption actions and labour principles. We cooperate with our partners proactively, openly and truly.